Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Day Approaches

Do you know what happens in 6 days time? Any of you? Well yes that is the day we as a nation get raped by or fun loving government out our collective arses. I speak monetarily of course. The day is April 15, income tax day and also my birthday. It is to be my 30th. 

Yeah, I am not thrilled that I get to share this day with arguably the most loathed event in any given year in America. The only redeeming quality about it for me, is that the day I was born
happened to also fall on what was once the pagan fertility holiday turned that oh so revered Christian holiday, Easter. 

And now here I am, 30 years later right back where I started, geographically speaking, still taking up other peoples air and space. 

Well here's to hoping that my next 3 years aren't as stagnant and unproductive as my last 
30 years. 

And I spose that it's time I should grow up, eh?