Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Okay, so I am a 30 year old guy still working in the restaurant industry. I have been at this occupation now for nearly 17 years. And every day I have to do this job, I realize more and more that most folk who come in to our eateries pretty much don't know how to act.

For instance, when a group of 8 or more people are going out to eat and you know that one person isn't going to pay for the entire meal, you should not ask the waiter for separate checks....ever. What you must realize is, that the person serving you your food is not waiting on just you, but that they also have other guests at 2 or 3 other tables that also need their attention. So when said waiter has to take time to separate your order into 4 or more checks that really slows them down. So please do the considerate thing. When you are putting a large party for dinner together, or even if it's "hey let's all go to 'Name of Your Local Dining Place,' and have some grub," every one should decide on one person to pay with a credit card, and EVERYONE ELSE should bring cash to give to that person. It's isn't hard to just pop by the ATM for a few quid. Or just always have a bit of cash on you just incase you find your self in a mass dining situation.

This is the right thing to do.


Look back here every week for discussion on restaurant do's ad don'ts and tips on common decency and etiquette for when you go out and eat.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Day Approaches

Do you know what happens in 6 days time? Any of you? Well yes that is the day we as a nation get raped by or fun loving government out our collective arses. I speak monetarily of course. The day is April 15, income tax day and also my birthday. It is to be my 30th. 

Yeah, I am not thrilled that I get to share this day with arguably the most loathed event in any given year in America. The only redeeming quality about it for me, is that the day I was born
happened to also fall on what was once the pagan fertility holiday turned that oh so revered Christian holiday, Easter. 

And now here I am, 30 years later right back where I started, geographically speaking, still taking up other peoples air and space. 

Well here's to hoping that my next 3 years aren't as stagnant and unproductive as my last 
30 years. 

And I spose that it's time I should grow up, eh?