Monday, September 12, 2011

Man Sues White Castle Because of He Doesn't WANT to Lose Weight.

So first you must read this article, and then read below...

My favourite part of this article is at the end..."The Americans with Disabilities Act is "applicable -- not only to me, but to pregnant women and to handicapped people," according to Kessman, who is suing for bigger chairs and unspecified damages. "I just want to sit down like a normal person."

I love the fact that this guy totally ignores the fact that the reason he is a fatty because he eats at places like White Castle. He says that the "Americans With Disabilities Act" applies to him, and maybe it does, but it really really shouldn't. This is because if you choose to eat in places like White Castle then you will most likely always be a fatty. End of story.

Readers, please do not take offense to my use of the word "fatty," because I don't mean it against all fat people. Only the ones like this guy who would rather stay fat, and blame the fact
that he is fat on other people. OR think that because he is fat then he should be catered to or have "special privileges." SCREW YOU FAT MAN! And Instead of losing weight, wants other people to spend thousands of dollars fixing their establishment so this Fatty McFatass can go there and stuff his gourd with an abundance of greasy little squares of beef covered in cheese with a side of fries and a coke. Bollocks.

So let me back up a bit to the last statement in the article..."I just want to sit down like a normal person."


He want's other people to work to make him feel normal. If I were the restaurant owner, I tell this guy to fuck right off out of my shop, and come back round again when he can either; 1. once again see and touch his toes, 2. See his willy and 3. Walk past a bucket of hamburgers marinating in animal lard without jizzing his trousers with joy.

A bit harsh? I don't care. Again if you are an over weight person who is working to no longer be fat, and are working to get to a healthy weight, whilst eating unprocessed foods and more greens and the like, then please take no offense to this.

My comments here are specifically aimed at this guy and all the fat people like him who want us to cater to them because they choose to be the way they are. People with glandular problems excepted of course.

Now I say this. I am a little over weight my self. I am 5'5 and some change and I weigh 191 lbs.
Luckily I am not as much of a lardo as I should be considering the way usually eat.
I looked at 3 different sites concerning height to weight ratio and all of them say that my optimal weight is around 145lbs and the most I should weigh is around 160lbs.

***So I have some work to do. And I am. Emily and I are juicing and eating more salads. Though it is a process and we do get some very unhealthy stuff every now and again. My goal is to completely change my dietary lifestyle by the end of the year. I hope to be of animal product altogether.***

So I am about 46 pounds over weight. Guess's my fault. I eat like shit (though I am trying to fix that) and I feel bad for it every time I shove something deep fried and slather in mayo down my throat. But if I get to be 295 pounds because I eat crap, and I don't want to get out and take a freaking walk once a day then it's my bloody fault. I am not going to go about suing everyone because they are making it tough for me to be a fat ass.
If I go into a restaurant and I can not fit into a booth, or on a chair then I realize that this is MY PROBLEM and not the restaurants. I am the fatty and it is something I have to deal with. It would be ME who would have to to take action and lose some weight.
Of course I am speaking hypothetically as I have no problem getting in and out of booths in restaurants.

That's my rant for the day. Now I am off to drink the vegetables that my girl friend juiced last night. Quite good actually. You should all give juicing a try.

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